Powering Up Our Young Brains with Play

Research in the field of neuroscience relating to development in children aged 0-12 years old reveals the positive impact of nature play and brain development. It highlights the associated benefit of interacting with open-ended provocations in a natural non-specific environment. A series of branches or wooden uprights with protrusions which connect with a suspended platform could be any number of things for different children as they imagine themselves in a … Continue reading Powering Up Our Young Brains with Play

Ensuring Our Heritage

The past week of academic activity in Year 6 could be considered the culmination of seven years of schooling at Moriah College Primary School. A prioritised goal of attending Moriah College is to develop a keen sense of love and belonging in students which is inextricably linked with a clear, deep sense of their personal Jewish identity.  During their schooling, students experience different formal … Continue reading Ensuring Our Heritage