Our Children Shine Brightly

There is something pretty unique about our Moriah community. Every day, a star is born at our school. I am not just talking about the children who are able to score a goal, sing a duet, perform a grand jeté, debate the complexities of the Middle East, receive an ATAR score of 99.9, or run an uphill marathon – all of which we observe and delight in across our school. I am talking about the stars who shine brightly by stepping up and showing their respect, their loyalty, and their kindness to their friends and teachers, siblings, visitors, and strangers.

Our children, whether they are four or 14, know the difference between right and wrong, between what truly matters and what doesn’t. They have the courage and conviction to follow their hearts and pursue what is best for their souls. They do this in our saddest of times and our happiest of celebrations.

“Why is this so unique?” you may ask.

I believe our school is populated with children who are growing in their capacity to think about others; children who are empathic and inclusive and who model leadership traits on a whole new level. So many of our children are motivated by demonstrating integrity and are encouraged by the discrete interactions that promote a better world. Sometimes they step into the spotlight, but mostly they do this without much fuss. What is rewarded and prized at many other schools is part of our ordinary, everyday experiences. Our school lives and breathes these moments.

I am so fortunate to witness this each day. I hope we can make these stars more visible; to spread the magic that is made when we feel like we belong to an extraordinary place like Moriah.


cathyportraitAbout the author

Cathy Milwidsky is the Director of Early Learning at Moriah College in NSW

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