A special message to our little ones heading into Year K, from their ‘Prachim’ ELC educators

From our Shya Redelman Campus, Glenayr Avenue:

As our Prachim students prepare to take the next big step in their learning journeys into Primary School, our Early Learning educators wanted to take a moment to say a fond farewell and to wish them all a bright and happy future.

Our Prachim classes focus on students’ emotional and social wellbeing, developing self-regulation, self-awareness, empathy and caring, as well as building a sense of community in the classroom. That’s why, at Glenayr Avenue, we start each morning by reciting a mantra that reinforces a sense of belonging, of self, and of always trying our best and never giving up.

Our strengths-based approach is reinforced every afternoon when we go around the circle to discuss our favourite parts of the day so that we always end the day focusing on positives. We allocate managers of the day; such as the Light, Water, and Plant managers, to provide the children with an awareness of our environment and to empower them to take ownership and responsibility of our planet. It also develops their self confidence.

We also have a “Good choice” badge which is allocated every day to reinforce self awareness, the ability to make sound, safe decisions and to give children the tools, skills and experiences which will set them up not only for the present, but through their life.

Love from Illana and the Prachim teachers

From our Queens Park Campus:

To our beautiful Prachim children                                                

What a wonderful year 2022 has been.                                

You have created so many beautiful friendships and connections that we know will carry on throughout your lives. Your honesty, innocence, resilience, independence, curiosity and beauty within, has made every day an exciting and outstanding adventure filled with so many memories that we know will last forever.

Together we have explored, investigated, learnt so many new things, shared, played, laughed, loved and have had fun conquering new challenges.

As part of our daily mantra, we have acknowledged our beliefs and our unique heritage. We have focused on who we are, what we are grateful for and have developed an understanding of the meaning and importance of being a true mensch.

Now that you are embarking on your new journey, we are so proud of you and wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

It’s time to spread your wings, take off and soar to new heights.

And so, as we always say – “it’s not goodbye but ‘see you later’ Shalom l’hitraot!”

We love and miss you

Michelle, Linda, Nicole, Natalie, Viv, Rachel, Fei Fei, Rina and Martine

From our Saunders Family Campus, Dover Road

To our amazing Prachim class of 2022  

We are so proud of all that you have achieved this year! We have watched many of you develop close friendships and bonds with each other, some that will last a lifetime! Your enthusiasm, happiness and excitement for learning has been contagious as we see the younger classes look up to you in the playground and at drop off in the morning, following you around with wonder and awe.  

You have touched the hearts of all your educators, past and present, with your caring, kind and empathetic personalities, smiling faces and loving cuddles. Your independence, curiosity, energy, teamwork and resilience will continue to foster a love for learning as you embark on your next adventure in your future schooling.  

It has been an absolute pleasure to have been your teachers … how lucky were we to have such a beautiful class to play, laugh, learn and grow with. Thank you for sharing all your ideas, interests and love for the Chagim with us! You are true mitzvah children, that embed yiddishkite in all your relationships and experiences.    

We will miss you dearly and wish you the best of luck for 2023. 

Lots of love  

Your past & present Dover Road educators 

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