Building a meaningful, exciting, and ongoing connection

It’s Purim! Our Early Learners have prepared for this holiday with so much excitement, getting their costumes ready, eating hamantaschen, and hearing the story of Esther.

For the children in our Prachim Class (4–5-year-olds) at our Queens Park Campus, Purim coincided with another exciting event – a Kesher experience with Year K students, as part of their important transition from Early Learning to Primary School.

Just as Esther had to adapt to a new role as queen, our oldest Early Learners face a new challenge as they prepare for school. It can be daunting to leave behind the comforts of a familiar classroom and teacher, and to navigate the unfamiliar landscape of a new school with new classmates and expectations.

But just as Esther was supported by her cousin Mordechai and found strength in her faith, our Early Learning teachers work collaboratively with the Primary School to make sure our youngest students have the confidence to enjoy the best possible transition experience from ELC to Year K.

The Kesher program started in 2019 with the aim of creating a meaningful, exciting, and ongoing connection between the Moriah ELCs and Moriah Primary school, utilising our unique Jewish and Hebrew experiences as the conduit to building a strong shared sense of belonging and Yiddishkeit.

At last week’s Yom Kesher Purim experience, our Early Learners had a taste of what it’s like to be in Primary School and use resources such as the amazing interactive Prowise boards.

Pairing our ELC students with Year K students is an important part of the experience. The goal is to build confidence and familiarity in the younger children as well as to enhance their language, social, and behavioural skills. Meanwhile, Year K students have the chance to ‘mentor’ the ELC students, which builds on their sense of responsibility, and empathy skills.

Together, our ELC and Year K students created fabulous Purim masks, learning about the importance of camouflage. It was hands-on, extremely fun, and informative.

Hamantaschen topped off an amazing morning and everyone sang their favourite Purim songs together.

The Kesher program runs throughout the year alongside different Jewish Festivals. Prachim students from all three of our ELCs have the opportunity to spend time in our Primary School, learn about the chaggim, and connect with our Year Ks.    

This innovative and inspiring approach ensures that students who attend our ELCs are immersed in Moriah’s educational and Jewish Life programs, culture, and community. They know what it’s like to belong to the Moriah Family and are confident and equipped to seamlessly continue their educational journey at Moriah.

It’s through programs like Kesher that we build the connections and relationships that endure, creating a sense of belonging and purpose that lasts long after the chaggim have ended. We are proud to be part of such a vibrant, caring and inclusive community. Chag Purim Sameach!

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