Tikkun Olam

The Shya Redelman Early Learning community is so excited to have Nicole Lewis working with us this term to strengthen our sustainable competency, connection to nature and to Country. For Aboriginal people, Country includes so much more than just the land, the waters, the earth and soil. Country incorporates all living things and the way in which they interact. It includes the people, plants, animals and the unique way these relate to seasons, stories and spirits.

We recognise our role in caring for Country – Gadigal Land our home, the land in which we live, learn and play. We acknowledge and respect the connection Indigenous Australians have to Country and understand that we all contribute to and play an active role in Country.

This week the Shemesh, Parparim and Prachim classes had their very first sessions with Nicole. Here are some of the interactions and discussions we had in these sessions.

Nicole showed the children a map of all the Aboriginal lands of Australia indicating the different nations.

“We are on Gadigal Land!” – Matilda (Parparim)
“Yeah, the Gadigal People” – Mia K (Parparim)
“Australia is our home; we live on Gadigal Land” – Cooper (Prachim)
“We live near the beach” – Remi (Prachim)

The children looked at the Aboriginal flag and were asked what colours could be seen. As the children answered, Nicole explained what each colour represented.

“Red” –  Asher E (Shemesh) – Symbolising the earth, the red soil of the land.
“Black” – Lexi (Shemesh) – Symbolising the People, the First Australians.
“Yellow” – Samuel (Shemesh)  – Symbolising the sun.

Nicole showed us some tools such as a coolamon, used to collect food, as a dish to crush ochre, to drink from and even as a basinet to rock and carry babies. We examined clap sticks used to tap to make music and other sticks and tools to dig, cut and crush foods. We feel honoured to be able to call Gadigal Country home and to continue to experience and celebrate Aboriginal culture in our Centre.

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