You are the champions, my friends…

Many parents come to see me at this time of the year. I smile to myself as they share their hopes, their theories and implore me to help them create a perfect world for their child. I take the time to hear what they have to say because I respect parents who advocate for their children, and these conversations usually help me to better understand their child.

And what I have noticed from these conversations is how truly incredible the ‘typical’ Moriah parent is. You see, the hundreds of Moriah parents that I have the privilege of knowing are the parents who love the school they have chosen for their child. They work incredibly hard to give their child every chance to participate and engage in both the many ordinary and unique experiences the school has to offer, they cry quietly at their child’s Kabbalat Shabbat or Mitzvah Presentation, appreciate that the school enhances and enriches their child’s relationships and connections, and are grateful that their child’s school encourages their child to enact their family values and demonstrate integrity, kindness, respect, courage, and responsibility each day.

These parents wave their child goodbye as they venture off across the globe to Israel or other places that beckon Moriah students, all the while knowing that they will be safe and well taken care of. They make sure their child is at school at 6:50am for his or her 7am band practice. They work in the tuck-shop, the uniform shop, or stand guard duty at our school gates twice a day.

Typical Moriah parents are the parents who put up their hands and volunteer to get involved in the school’s exceptional production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ or who work tirelessly for months designing and planning the school’s spectacular and memorable Festival 75.

The distinctive qualities particular to a ‘typical Moriah parent’ are so diverse that no matter how you see yourself, or others, if you are a parent at our school, then you are, by hook or by crook, a ‘typical Moriah parent’. You are parents of our future leaders; parents of children who know the difference between right and wrong; parents of children who are inclusive and thoughtful; parents of children who are innovative, creative and measured risk-takers.

The bottom line is, Moriah parents are champions.

cathyportraitAbout the author

Cathy Milwidsky is the Director of Early Learning at Moriah College in NSW

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