How Important is Professional Development in Schools?

The answer? Very.

Educational research studies have repeatedly shown that the most important school-related factor influencing the achievement of students is the teacher. Great teachers help to create excellent learners. So, investing in teacher development is crucial to the success of our students.

Our commitment to continued professional learning helps build the confidence and credibility of all of our staff members throughout their careers at Moriah College. It creates greater job satisfaction and develops educators and leaders of the highest calibre.

Moriah as an Accredited Provider

In November 2017, Moriah was recognised by NESA as an Accredited Provider of School-Based Professional Learning at the level of Proficient Teacher. And since 1 January 2018, all of our teachers – from our Early Learning Centres up to Year 12 – have had access to quality professional learning at the College, allowing them to fulfil their mandatory professional learning requirements on site.

What does it mean?

Acquiring the status of Accredited Provider was no mean feat and required the dedication and hard work of a number of staff members. In order to maintain this status, the College is obliged to demonstrate to NESA that it has exemplary practices in place to ensure the implementation of quality professional learning. This ensures that professional development at the school is of the highest standard and more impactful for staff and students.

“We want to unlock and ignite desirable personality traits… support our students on a path to success.”

We want to unlock and ignite desirable personality traits in our educators so that they may better guide and support our students on a path to success. We apply our intellect and Jewish perspective to our thinking, are open to new ideas and concepts, we are driven to succeed and care deeply about our students and community. We show courage and are curious about the world around us. These traits are what help us to form creative and critical thinkers in our students.

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What we offer

  • The Inclusive Scholarship: A key objective of the College’s strategic (2015-2020) plan is to provide an inclusive and welcoming school culture where all members of the community feel valued and motivated to engage with us. Through the generosity and commitment of a donor and the involvement of The Moriah Foundation, Moriah College is able to offer study scholarships to teachers keen to pursue studies in Inclusive Education.
  • ELEVATE – Agile Design for High Potential Learners: ELEVATE was initiated by AISNSW and amplified by strategic partnerships with the UK-based Innovation Unit, and the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership. Moriah College began participating in The AIS ELEVATE program in 2017. This professional learning program comes at a time when there is considerable interest, both nationally and internationally, in reshaping schooling to optimize the strengths of all learners. This robust innovation program has been supporting our leaders of learning to collaboratively design and implement powerful practices to lift learning outcomes for high potential learners.
  • Pop-up PD: We offer pop-up professional development courses in a range of areas throughout the school year, such as Google Classroom and Coaching and Mentoring skills.
  • Staff Induction and Mentor Programs: Every new teacher to Moriah, regardless of their level of experience, is paired with a mentor when they join our College, to help guide and support them professionally. Mentors are also assigned to assist teachers undergoing the accreditation process.
  • Educator Impact: Moriah has the resources to facilitate this highly effective program, which allows teachers to gain anonymous feedback from students and to support one another in improving their teaching strategies.

There are many more opportunities open to all staff members at Moriah College, and we continually work to increase our already vast suite of professional learning options.

What our staff say…

Sarah-Eleni Bekiaris

Sarah-Eleni Bekiaris
High School Science Teacher
Moriah College provides staff with countless opportunities to grow as educators. I was offered a scholarship to study Inclusive Education at UNSW where I developed my skills in supporting students with severe disabilities in the classroom. I found the experience to be extremely rewarding for both myself and my students as I was pushed outside of my comfort zone and encouraged to continuously reflect on my practice. The standard of professional development at Moriah College is incredibly high, as it caters for individual learning goals and consistently changes its approach to meet the needs and reflect the feedback of staff.”

tonybritton copyTony Britton
High School History Teacher
“I have worked at Moriah College for 23 years, and the standard of professional development is continuously improving in terms of relevance to teaching and learning, the quality of the courses, and the range of offerings. In particular, Educator Impact is most beneficial in encouraging teachers to observe each other in order to consolidate and broaden their teaching and learning strategies and their interactions with the students. Wider opportunities such as the Harvard based courses are also important for College staff to access.”

yonne copyYonatan Barukh
High School Jewish Studies Teacher
“As an alumni of the school, I have experienced firsthand the exceptional quality of the teaching at Moriah. The College has invested in me, both as a past student and as a current employee, and as a result of this, I am happy and grateful to be able to give back to the shool and its students. I have been able to study courses that contribute directly to the quality of my teaching, and Educator Impact put my teaching practices under a microscope, showing me how to become a better educator. I’ve also been provided with a scholarship to study Inclusive Education at UNSW which has given me the tools to plan my lessons in a way that caters to a diverse range of students.”

Come and join our amazing team! Visit our website for a list of current vacancies at Moriah College


About the author

Liz Webster is the Director of Professional Practice at Moriah College in Queens Park, NSW





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